Certified Refurbished Tech that Will Make Back-to-School Fun & Affordable

Jul 21st 2023


With the end of summer break around the corner, the #1 item on every household’s to-do list is back-to-school shopping. And while it doesn’t take long to gather the regular classroom supplies, finding the best certified refurbished tech can take some research and thought. 

We’re here to make this selection process easy and hassle-free. With thousands of reconditioned products listed at up to 40% off and backed by extensive warranties, picking certified refurbished tech for school can really be fun and affordable.  

Here are our curated picks for school and college that will get you to class on time, keep you fit, and organize all your work in one place. 

Basic but Oh So Essential - The Classroom Accessories 

Not your ordinary school backpack, this knapsack is made from recycled plastic bottles and is nickel and PVC-free. It can hold laptops up to 17”, making it a perfect carryall for your school supplies. Ecosmart, the Targus Travel Backpack has a smooth, minimalist exterior design and has a reduced carbon footprint during production. 

Its custom shape has plenty of pocket space to organize school and college essentials. Adjustable shoulder straps and padded back panels add a ton of comfort without weighing you down as you carry your essentials around campus.

Investing in a good calculator goes a long way. It’s an essential you use year after year. Choosing the Texas Instruments Calculator in excellent condition on Reebelo means you’re getting computing technology at a fraction of the original price.

Besides basic formulas, you can also use a built-in Computer Algebra System (CAS) and make graphs to solve complex problems. View images in 3D and use the Pretty Print feature on the calculator to display images with radical notation and superscript exponents. That’s an advanced mathematics class for you right here!

Affordable But Efficient Refurbished Laptops for all your Assignments

The refurbished HP Chromebook 11 x360 G2 EE 11.6” is a great addition to your back-to-school arsenal. It’s a small, compact laptop that packs a punch for school assignments as can be expected from HP’s ‘Education Edition’ series

From multimedia streaming, and drafting documents to emails and presenting, the HP Chromebook 11 x360 G2 EE 11.6” is a worthwhile investment. Its reinforced corners and sturdy chassis are capable of withstanding accidental falls and minor collisions. 

Certified refurbished, portable and versatile - the reconditioned Lenovo Thinkpad 11e Yoga Gen 6 is another ideal and affordable laptop for school and university. It rotates about a 360-degree hinge, great for easy reading and screen sharing with your peers. 

The Intel Core m3-8100Y processor within is designed for light to moderate educational workloads and multi-tasking. 

Light But Sturdy Used Headphones for Tuning in to Lectures

Already thinking about the upcoming busy days and long study sessions? A pair of reliable, light, and compact headphones will be your best back-to-school accessories. The refurbished JBL Tune 660NC is the perfect find with one of the best noise-cancellation technologies available. 

You can tune in to listen to remote lectures, take calls, and find a quick moment to wind down with this certified refurbished tech deal on Reebelo. 

If you prefer a barely-there pair of headphones, the refurbished Skullcandy Sesh Evo True earbuds will not disappoint. Simple, easy to use, wireless, and compact - this certified refurbished gadget will elevate your time at school as you go about your busy day. 

With an IP55 rating and dedicated sound settings, this Skullcandy accessory is an ideal pick for tech-savvy students.

Refurbished AirPods 2 are, perhaps, one of the hottest deals on Reebelo right now. Under $100 and eligible for an extended warranty, these reconditioned AirPods 2 have excellent sound quality and will pair perfectly with your refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

Compact and Portable Tablets for Every Specialization

Keeping the same operating system has its advantages, especially if you’re a student who wants to sync all devices and access files and documents on the go. Therefore, if you have an iPhone XR, for instance, investing in a refurbished Apple iPad will be a smart choice.

The portability + efficiency offered by the iPad Air 2 will easily take you through the school year with a lot of options and ways to study. Slip it in your backpack for group sessions or sync with group mates on a quick video call before the next presentation - all from a single screen. 

Stylus-supported, light, and oh-so-portable - this used Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is perfect for all the summer fun and easily transitions into the school year as a must-have educational gadget. 

Whether you’re recording content or choosing a specialization in design and graphics, the S7 will be a powerful companion. It charges fast (100% in 90 mins!), integrates with Samsung devices, and weighs a mere 1.3 lbs. 

Lighter than the paperback in your backpack - the refurbished Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 7th Gen is here to brighten up your reading throughout the semester. With its crisp, laser-quality text and weeks’ long battery life, this handy, certified refurbished tech tablet by Amazon will be a great addition to your back-to-school library. 

Read your favorite chapters in the car, on the train, and as you walk around campus to the next lecture. 

Cheap But Reliable Smartwatches to Keep You Healthy & On Time

Long battery life and no frills attached - the refurbished fitbit versa 1 is the OG fitness tracker that will always have your back. Designed to last days on a single charge, the versa will be the perfect multi-purpose watch that will keep your health and punctuality in check. 

Comprehensive monitoring, smart notifications, and excellent compatibility with iOS and Android make it a go-to wearable for students and professionals alike.

Another reasonably priced option for an investment-worthy smartwatch is the reconditioned Samsung Galaxy Active Watch 2. If you’d love a sleek, graceful watch face on your wrist as you begin grad school, this certified refurbished tech wearable will be your go-to every morning. 

With the IP68 water-resistant rating and heart rate monitor, you’ll be able to jump straight into after-school activities before calling it a day.

If you’ve been waiting till the new school year to get back in shape and record a step count, the refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 will get you back on track on Day 1. A reasonable price point and an all-in-one functionality are two big advantages of picking this smartwatch off Reebelo.

At $97, you’ll get 30-day returns, free shipping, and 12 months of warranty so you can rest assured that your back to school is stress and hassle-free. 

Refurbished Accessories That Are Lifesavers On & Off Campus

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 tablet with the refurbished Otterbox Defender. Reinforced edges, built-in screen protector, and multi-layer construction keep your tablet safe against accidental falls in a classroom environment. 

Apple’s Magic Keyboard Folio has been a much-awaited accessory for iOS users. For days when a handy iPad is most convenient, the refurbished Magic Keyboard will make life easy by turning the iPad into a laptop for quick, hassle-free edits.

The refurbished Apple Pencil 2 Gen is another lifesaver, especially when your specialty calls for precision and long hours of work. The slim pencil makes a great stylus that supports wireless pairing and is merely 20.7g in weight.

Certified Refurbished Tech that Doesn’t Break the Bank

Back-to-school shopping is an exciting end-of-summer activity - it shouldn’t become a burden with rising tech prices. With Reebelo, you can score great deals for certified refurbished tech like laptops, AirPods, and smartwatches - up to 40% off and with 12 months of warranty. 

With over 70+ quality checks and hand-picked local partners, you’ll always find the best back-to-school tech at reasonable prices on Reebelo.