Dell vs. HP Refurbished Computer Monitor - What’s the Best Pick?

Aug 1st 2023


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the most reliable of them all? Dell vs. HP - a refurbished computer monitor faceoff it must be. 

Welcome to Reebelo’s Tech Faceoff. A platform where we put all your favorite refurbished devices under the microscope. Uses, benefits, features, and models - let’s take a look at everything that makes them trending best sellers.

We’re kicking off our Faceoff Series with a much talked-of comparison between Dell and HP refurbished computer monitors. While both are known for their longevity and reliability - being two of the oldest names in the tech market - their monitors are designed with various subtle features that suit different audiences. 

So how do you pick? How do you prioritize the features offered by one and balance out the cons of another? It’s a matter of thorough research - well unless you really do have a magic mirror 🪄

Our Top Two Contenders for Refurbished Computer Monitors

Dell UltraSharp U2520D USB-C Monitor 25"

A solid candidate for RTINGS Best 25” Monitors and the Best Mid-Upper Range Monitor for Dual Setup, the Dell UltraSharp U2520D USB-C has one of the best color gamuts in the market. It’s known for sharp, larger-than-life imagery and is a popular choice with designers who need a critical eye for minute detailing. 

The refurbished Dell UltraSharp U2520D is also popular as a business monitor. It has a sleek yet sturdy and functional look. Nothing out-of-the-box glamorous, but with all the right details in place.

HP Z27k G3 4K 27" Monitor

The HP Z27k G3 4K is a productivity machine. A formidable adversary that will put up a good fight, this computer monitor is made for pro-level multi-tasking and captures the gist of HP’s infamous efficiency. 

A top pick for Wirecutter’s Best 4K Monitors list, the IPS Black Panel technology by HP takes color contrast to a whole new level. It gives the user a seamless experience with a single power button and boasts a resolution of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels and measures 21.9”x 24.1”x 8.”

Which Refurbished Computer Monitor is Best for You? 

So, which will it be?

If you need color accuracy & range, choose Dell.

While both monitors come close in this regard, Dell’s UltraSharp U2520D reaches 99.9% of sRGB - surpassing HP at a commendable 99%. With hyper realistic coloring, this screen is the ideal choice for designing and graphics. 

If you want a larger screen, choose HP.

If your criteria is a large screen with excellent 4K capabilities, you can’t go wrong with the HP Z27k G3 4K 27". The two extra inches add room to view multiple displays without compromising on text legibility. 

If you need a dual-set-up work-from-home monitor, choose Dell.

A perfect work-from-home monitor, the refurbished Dell U2520D ranks high as a sturdy, utilitarian machine that will be a smart investment for years. When available at up to 40% off on Reebelo, you can put together a dual monitor setup for an elevated user experience. 

If you want port selection, choose HP.

The HP Z27k G3 4K 27” refurbished computer monitor is ‘ports galore’ - at its finest. You won’t have any trouble connecting multiple devices and setting up a well-thought-out workstation. 

Here’s a list of port selections you will find useful:

  • 1 HDMI port 
  • 1 DisplayPort in
  • 1 DisplayPort out
  • Upstream USBC port. It supports USB power delivery up to 100 watts with compatible HP devices.
  • 4 USB 3.2 downstream ports
  • RJ 45 Ethernet jack

If you need productivity, choose HP.

With comprehensive connectivity and ergonomic features, our pick for productivity is the refurbished HP Z27k G3 4K 27”. As discussed, the larger screen also makes multiple displays wide, crisp, and clear. 

Swivel it around or adjust the height to find the ideal position to enhance your productivity with this refurbished computer monitor by HP. 

If you want ergonomics, HP & Dell are tough competitors.

It’s safe to say that both, HP & Dell, have mastered the art of ergonomics for their top-of-the-line monitors. With thorough testing and expert engineering, both refurbished computer monitors provide best-in-class ergonomics. 

With the Dell U2520D, you get:

  • 5.1” height adjustment.
  • 5-degree downward & 21 degrees upward tilt.
  • 45-degree swivel control from side to side.
  • 90-degree pivot from landscape to portrait.

With the HP Z27k G3, you get:

  • 5.9” height adjustment.
  • 5-degree tilt towards you & 20 degrees away from you.
  • 45-degree swivel control from side to side
  • 90-degree pivot from landscape to portrait

Refurbished Computer Monitors - Worth the Investment?

Refurbished computer monitors now come with plenty of well-stacked features. From 4K resolutions to custom ergonomics - you’ll be spoilt for choice when picking the one that’s best suited for your needs. 

With comprehensive buyer protection and extended warranties, refurbished monitors on Reebelo are definitely worth the investment.