Why Buy Refurbished?

Feb 27th 2024


Short answer: Refurbished tech is sustainable and affordable. 

Long answer: Because it’s the best value for money for certified, high quality, expertly cleaned, eco-friendly products like iPhone 12 that make you feel oh so good!

An affordable price tag on devices from your favorite brands that don’t harm the planet is a win for all. We believe sustainability is more than skin deep because it’s a way to live, a way to consume, and a way to leave a positive impact on the environment by reducing unnecessary e-waste.

To date, we've saved 5 tons of e-waste, 48.7M liters of water and planted 486K trees globally. 

What’s refurbished, anyways ⁉️


[rih-FER-bished]        verb 

Superlative: certified refurbished

♻️ A feel-good product packaged with 0g of lead, 0% mercury, 90% energy efficiency, and 100% good vibes. A must-have in your tech collection.

♻️ A tried, tested, fool-proof, and professionally cleaned preloved device like a refurbished phone that meets all industry standards and passes 70+ quality checks. Usually bought by wise, forward-thinking, pocket and planet-friendly people.  

P.S.: Often confused with brand-new products because they’re just that good. 

Common synonyms: Restored. Renewed. Reconditioned. Certified Pre-owned. Preloved. 

Disclaimer:  You may only want to use certified refurbished devices after reading this. The good vibes are strong - you may never see full-priced tech the same way again... Caution is advised 😉

At Reebelo, trust is always in the details ✨

Our purpose and vision are bigger than any one entity. It’s for the planet. It’s making refurbishment a norm and sustainability a choice of your lifestyle. 

We’re building a sustainable ecosystem with: 

✅A trusted marketplace that connects you to local vendors on one platform, offering a wide variety of product lines. Kitchen appliances? We got it. Gaming consoles & drones? Don’t even mention it. Refurbished vacuums? Bring it on. 

Free shipping, free 30-day returns, and 12-month warranty plans. We’re reducing the stigma, fear, and myths prevalent in the preloved market by instilling confidence so you can rest assured. 

✅Affordability and accessibility. We’re making sustainability our top priority and bringing you deals and discounts up to 70% off on sought-after products like refurbished phones, iPads and MacBooks. 

✅Complete transparency. We don’t believe in keeping skeletons in our tech closets. You shop for 100% original, authentic, and functional devices that pass  70+ quality checks. Or your money back. 

Good value and good values - now that’s something we can talk about all day. 

Thank you for relying on us for your tech! 

We’ve served 500,000 customers globally and humbly sport an ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot. And like every great company, we will continue to strive to keep you happy. Here's some of our customer reviews.

Very Professional. 
Very professional. The iPad was very well packaged and easy to set up thanks to the extra steps taken by your team.” - Robert McDermott
Best of the Best.
“Great customer service. Great inventory. Great prices and warranties. You can't go wrong. Buy somewhere else? You're wasting money.” - Tanya
So glad I kept looking & found Reebelo!
Great price, cheap warranty, fast shipping on an awesome product selling elsewhere for full price. 5 stars! - Janet Rice


We’re so excited to have you on this journey and hope you will help us turn our vision for refurbished technology into reality. 

For your planet & your pocket - we promise to care for both.