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iPad Mini 3 (2014) 7.9"

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  • Dimensions: 200 x 134.7 x 7.5 mm (7.87 x 5.30 x 0.30...
  • Weight: 331 g (Wi-Fi) / 341 g (3G/LTE) (11.68 oz...
  • Build: Glass front, aluminum back, aluminum fra...
  • SIM: No Display Type
  • Tablet
  • Charging Cable

Apple iPad Mini 3 (2014) 7.9"

The refurbished iPad Mini 3 is a well designed package of looks, functionality, and mobility. If your lifestyle requires you to prioritize portability, the mini tablet lineup will be a perfect choice.

Say Hello to Touch ID.

One of the biggest upgrades in the iPad Mini 3 is the touch ID on the home button. Not only does it make unlocking the tablet easier and quicker, it also adds an extra layer of security for all the personal details you and your family have on the device.

Cellular Connectivity Add On.

The option to have cellular connectivity on the iPad Mini 3 is a great add on. It’s a perfect choice for frequent travelers who need to be connected to work even on the go. It can be activated on a list of pre-approved carriers.

Speedy Performance.

The A7 along with iOS8.1 make this iPad Mini a front runner in terms of performance. The 7.9 inch tablet works efficiently for all optimized apps, multiple safari tabs, and boasts excellent graphics software as well.

Excellent Battery Life.

Like other models in the iPad Mini series, this tablet has an excellent battery life. Claiming at least 10 hours of wireless use, you can streamline your day with the iPad Mini 3 by your side.

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