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30 Days Free Returns

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Up to  12-Month Warranty
Up to 12-Month Warranty

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What is a certified refurbished Microsoft Xbox Gaming Console?

What does a certified refurbished Microsoft Xbox mean? A very common question with a very simple answer. A used console that has been reconditioned, repaired, and booted before being sold again classifies as a refurbished gaming system.

At Reebelo, certified refurbished Microsoft Xbox gaming consoles are available for up to 70% off. We stock a wide collection of models and series that are quality-checked at 70+ steps to ensure they are 100% functional.

Where to buy certified refurbished Microsoft Xbox Gaming Consoles in USA?

When buying a used and pre-owned gaming console, it's important to do your research first. There are plenty of resellers that you can buy from. However, first ask yourself:

Are they certified? Reebelo USA only partners with trusted, local, and certified refurbishers. These vendors have high standards of quality checks in place and use best practices when reconditioning Xbox gaming consoles. Therefore, guaranteeing 100% functionality and long-term use.

Do they offer warranty? Every console we sell comes with a 12-month warranty. So if you encounter any problems within the first year, Reebelo offers to troubleshoot the issues or replace the Xbox, if needed.

To protect your console for longer, you also have the option to opt-in for extended warranty. ReebeloCare adds an extra layer of protection to the refurbished Xbox console so you can enjoy it to the fullest without worrying about spills, nicks, or bumps.

Do they have a return policy? Our goal is to be a trusted marketplace for refurbished Xbox gaming consoles, which means you get all the benefits of buyer protection. If you're unhappy with the purchase, you can return it within 30 days for free. No questions asked.

Do they have a wide range of products? From the earliest models to the discontinued ones, you'll find plenty of options to choose from on Reebelo USA.

What's the difference between pre-owned and refurbished Xbox Gaming System?

Quality is an important consideration at Reebelo. We only sell renewed consoles that meet our strict quality guidelines. And that's the core difference between pre-owned and refurbished. All refurbished Xbox gaming systems are pre-owned, i.e. they were already bought and used by the first buyer.

However, once sold, these pre-owned consoles are professionally cleaned, inspected for bugs, repaired, and passed through 70+ quality checks. Once they clear all the necessary steps, a pre-owned console is now a certified refurbished console.

This difference is also reflected in the buyer protection offered by a trusted company like Reebelo.

What are the different series of Microsoft Xbox Consoles?

So which refurbished Xbox console is right for you? Since there's plenty to choose from, let's take a quick look at the order in which the various models were released and their biggest strengths.

  • 1st Gen - Xbox gaming console: Released in 2001 as a fierce competitor to Sony Playstation 2 and Nintendo GameCube, the Xbox One boasts a 733 megahertz processor that was more powerful than both counterparts at the time. Discontinued in 2009, it's still an impressive gaming system that you can buy up to 70% off on Reebelo.
  • 2nd Gen - Xbox 360 gaming console: Released in 2005, Microsoft's Xbox 360 had a sleek and modern design with brilliant graphics. The controller was wireless and the 360 featured a mighty Xenon processor.
  • 3rd Gen - Xbox One, One S, and One X: Online gaming took a whole new meaning with the launch of Microsoft's 3rd generation of consoles - the Xbox One, One S, and One X. The first two had custom 1.75 gigahertz AMD 8 core CPUs and the One X surpassed the competition with 2.3 gigahertz of power. Discontinued in 2020, you can buy 100% functional and refurbished 3rd generation Xbox consoles on Reebelo at amazing prices.
  • 4th Gen - Xbox Series X and Series S: The latest series of Xbox consoles released in November 2020, the Series X and S are lovable editions. They have so much to give gamers with fast processors, excellent graphics, and spacious drives.

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Buy refurbished Xbox gaming consoles at Reebelo.

Shop great deals for certified refurbished Microsoft Xbox gaming consoles at Reebelo USA. All our second-hand Microsoft Xbox gaming consoles are 100% functional and come with a 12-month warranty. Enjoy extended warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee & free delivery at Reebelo!