Your Comprehensive Guide for the Best Refurbished Security Cameras

Aug 16th 2023


Dependable. Smart. Always available. That’s how we want our security cameras to be. Let’s add affordability to the list and welcome you to the realm of refurbished security cameras.

Keeping a close eye on your home and office remotely is a smart choice, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. There are plenty of reconditioned and pre-loved cameras on the market that offer the same, reliable performance but at a fraction of the price. 

Let’s talk about these choices, where to buy them, and some top options that should be on your list. 

What are Refurbished Security Cameras?

Refurbished tech has a number of myths associated with it. From being considered faulty and nonfunctional to outdated and old - it’s time to debunk these myths and truly understand how reconditioned and refurbished cameras can add value to your life. 

So, what are refurbished security cameras? Refurbished security cameras are devices that are given a second life after thorough cleaning, troubleshooting, conditioning, and repairs. 

The first owner may sell their camera for a number of reasons including a wrong item being shipped, damaged packaging, change of mind, or simply because they want to change the devices in use. Once sold, the camera goes through various steps of the refurbishment process to get back on the resale market. 

Where to Buy Refurbished Security Cameras for Home?

Where to buy refurbished security cameras is perhaps, one of our favorite questions. Why, you ask? Well because we get to explain how Reebelo’s trustworthiness stems from its commitment to quality refurbishment. 

You see, not all refurbished security cameras will be the same. With resellers setting up shop in this industry at a rapid pace, the term certified refurbished has become very important. It’s essential to understand the effort and quality standards that go into the repair and reconditioning of secondhand tech. 

Reebelo’s carefully vetted local vendors sell certified refurbished security cameras that go through 70+ quality checks. From drop tests and buffed lenses to repairs with laser beams and automated troubleshooting - it’s part of a package that guarantees buyer protection with every purchase.

Tips to Buy the Best Refurbished Security Cameras

If you’re a first-time buyer of refurbished security cameras, some useful tips will help. Our in-house refurbished tech experts and sustainability patrons recommend thinking about the following: 

  • Pick a spot. Knowing where you will install the refurbished security camera will help you shortlist options easily. If it’s an outdoor spot, you will need an all-weather exterior. If it’s in a dark location, night vision will be a priority. So make sure you know exactly where this device will be set up before you purchase one. 
  • Does the refurbished security camera come with a warranty? A 12-month warranty and an extended ReebeloCare plan are two perks our customers love.
  • What are your requirements and what’s your budget? Do you want the camera to be wireless? Do you want it to have two-way communication? These modern, cutting-edge features will be within reach and budget now that you’re ready to invest in refurbished security cameras. 
  • Is there a return policy if you are not satisfied or simply change your mind? For instance, Reebelo’s 30-day returns are part of our comprehensive buyer protection plans. If you change your mind about the refurbished security camera you purchased, you can return it for free within the defined window for a complete refund. 
  • Are other customers reviewing products from the seller you have chosen? Reviews are a great way to gauge the trustworthiness of a company and learn from other buyers’ experiences. 

Top Refurbished Security Camera Picks Under $150

Looking for a refurbished security camera system for under $150? There are a number of affordable picks on Reebelo that will keep your surroundings safe and secure. 

Ring Video Door Bell 2

The refurbished Ring Video Door Bell 2 is one of the most intelligent security cameras on the market. You can see, hear, and talk to visitors and control access to the door right from your phone or computer. 

It has built-in speakers, adjustable motion sensors, infrared night vision, wide-angle views, and live on-demand video & audio. At $72, this wireless refurbished security camera is a must-grab deal on Reebelo. 

Eufy Security 2C Wireless Camera

A complete and comprehensive security system, the refurbished Eufy Security 2C Wireless Camera kit is an all-weather pack with an IP67 rating. It boasts a battery life of 160 days and has a hi-tech night vision that makes objects very clear even in low lighting. 

The best feature of the Eufy Security 2C is the human detection technology. No more mindless alerts because of wind or stray objects. At $131, it’s the best deal you will find on the refurbished market.

Wyze Cam WYZEC2 HD Indoor Camera

Basic, but highly reliable - the refurbished Wyze Came WYZEC2 HD is an indoor accessory with sharp and vivid night vision. You can view live footage and alerts anytime, anywhere, directly from your smartphone via the Wyze app. 

The system also gives you access to 14 days of saved video recording without a fee. Schedule a time-lapse, talk two ways, and set continuous recording with SD memory card to keep your property safe. This indoor refurbished security camera system is available for up to 40% off and starts at $14 on Reebelo.