How To Take Care of Your Refurbished PlayStation 5

Aug 23rd 2023


Buying the latest and greatest refurbished PlayStation 5 was a breeze - you simply headed over to Unboxing it was ecstatic - you had been waiting patiently to get your hands on this bad boy. Now let’s make taking care of it your favorite me-time activity. 

Think of your refurbished gaming console as any other electrical equipment like a preloved iPhone 11, a laptop, or a refurbished computer monitor. Every now and then, you take time to untangle the wires, wipe the screens, and use that silly little putty to pull out debris and dust stuck between the keys. All for these refurbished electronics to work better and last longer. 

The refurbished PlayStation 5 you just invested in requires similar upkeep so it can keep giving you the best gaming experience for years to come. 

Top 6 Tips to Take Care of a Refurbished PlayStation 5 Console 

At Reebelo, we don’t shy away from claiming that certified refurbished tech can be as good and exciting as new. There’s immense value in there - for your wallet and for the planet. And who doesn’t want that value to reap a return year after year? 

Which is why, taking care of your refurbished PlayStation 5 gaming console should be a top priority. You’ve made an investment in quality tech and you want to make it last long.

We asked our in-house gaming enthusiasts and sustainability patrons, “how do you really take care of refurbished gaming consoles?” Plenty of enthusiastic hand raises and a passionate discussion later - we compiled the top 5 care tips to ensure your preloved gaming console works properly for the long haul.

Keep it Clean & Dry       

It’s imperative that you keep your refurbished PlayStation 5 clean and dry. Avoid placing liquids in close proximity because accidental spills can cause havoc within the internal machinery.

Just like you take care of your refurbished laptop or MacBook, a gaming console requires the same upkeep. A clean and dry exterior and interior will ensure all components work perfectly

Give it a Spacious Home 

Atop the fireplace? Or the coziest corner of your game room shelf? Yes, please. Nestled between piles of laundry? No, thank you. 

A prized possession like your refurbished PlayStation 5 requires a flat, spacious home where it can function without overheating. Make sure there is enough room around the console, with vents staying exposed at all times and no direct sunlight. 

Another consideration to keep in mind is limiting movement. The less you move it around, the lower the chances of damaging, dropping, or denting it. 

Love the Vents & Ports

Ever considered deep cleaning your refurbished gaming console? It’s a thing. A very wise thing. A simple blow and puff of air is often not enough to get all the dust, germs, and bacteria out of small spaces like ports and air vents. If left unattended, dirty components can cause eventual system failure. 

Professional gaming console cleaning services are a great way to make your console shine and last for many years to come. They use expert technology to clean out the crevices within the console body that collects dust, pet hair, food crumbs, and dirt. 

If you prefer to clean your console the good old DIY way, here are some tips from Sony to complete this process safely.

Give it a Break. Often

We know how much you love your refurbished PlayStation 5. We really do. But it needs a break - from you. Often. No offense 🥲. 

An intense gaming experience can take a toll on you, and your console. As a best practice- always take a break after a few hours of runtime. It will help cool down the machine, prevent overheating, and prolong its lifespan. 

Take Software Updates Seriously

How often we do see the ‘update’ notification and leave it pending for days and weeks? Time to act on it. Regular software updates are put in place by gaming console giants like Sony and Microsoft to rectify errors and deal with software bugs. 

Therefore, it’s an important step for the upkeep of your refurbished PlayStation 5. 

Invest in Warranty

Warrant is like the fairy godmother of refurbished tech - watching over your used PlayStation 5 gaming console as you enjoy its unmatched user experience. It’s a buyer protection element we talk about often at Reebelo because it can really help make this investment worthwhile. 

Aside from the 12-month vendor warranty your console comes with, we recommend opting in for an extended warranty with ReebeloCare. This plan will extend coverage for your PlayStation 5 against accidental damage involving spills, drops, and other mishaps for another year. 

ReebeloCare for refurbished playstation 5

Given it will quickly become your favorite gadget at home, investing in an extended warranty for a nominal fee will be a great bang for your buck. 

How Do You Take Care of Your Refurbished Gaming Consoles? 

Do you have a cleaning and upkeep regime in place for your prized gaming gadgets? If not, we hope to motivate you to develop one so you can give yourself a pat on the back for making the right (read: refurbished) choice.