iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max? Which One Should You Buy?

Aug 28th 2023

refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max at Reebelo

We’re kicking off Part 2 of the Tech Faceoff series with two strong, formidable contenders - the iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Amazing, user-friendly devices in every aspect - with some of the best features and engineering on the market. Yet, remarkably different when you consider the smaller details. 

Thinking of an upgrade? Or planning to buy your kids their first smartphone? What’s the right pick for you? Should you invest in a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max or will the iPhone 11 Pro Max suffice for your needs? Let’s break this down and take a closer look at the infamous specs and features that have changed how we use smartphones today.

iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Specs Overview

iPhone 11 Pro Max - The Trend Setter 

The trendsetter - iPhone 11 Pro Max is the first combination of Pro + Max in Apple’s smartphone lineup. At its launch, it was given the Editor’s Choice Award by many publications. The Pro Max models offered just a tad extra to users who really paid attention to details. At 226g and 8.1mm thickness, it promises impressive picture and video qualities with the intimidating addition of the third camera.




6.22 x 3.06 x 0.32 inches

Display Size

 6.5 inches


Making a bold statement, this collection of triple cameras has broken records for the best 4K video on a smartphone. Compared to the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, the Max is an upgraded version when you want that extra oomph in your life. 

The rounded edges and smooth finish on this model had long become an Apple classic. Topped with a Gorilla glass shield, the phone has passed multiple drop tests to gauge durability and resistance. When released back in 2019, it was known to have the ‘toughest glass in a smartphone’. 

iPhone 12 pro max at Reebelo

A comparison of used iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max reveals exciting colors for the former. A range of bold hues from Midnight Green and Gold to the classic Silver and Space Gray - heads up, you’ll have a tough time picking one!

On Reebelo, the refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max price starts from $427.19.

iPhone 12 Pro Max - A Treat for the Eyes

Where the 11 series impressed users with amazing picture qualities, the 12 Pro Max took it to a whole new level. With innovative technologies and software upgrades onboard, pictures and videos are shot with laser-sharp focus and intense depth analysis. If your side gig is freelance photography or you aspire to be a content creator, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will leave you stunned.

Weight 228g
Dimensions 6.33 x 3.07 x 0.29 inches
Display Size  6,7 inches


Another major difference you will spot when comparing iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is the exterior design. The latter has flat, squared-off edges along with a sleek stainless steel finish. It’s topped off with a ceramic shield instead of Gorilla glass - giving it 4 times better drop protection. Critics claim it to be "virtually indestructible". 

Bottom line: when you do the iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max analysis, you’ll see that with these top-of-the-line smartphones, the comparison and your choices boil down to finer details. These details can be very important when you consider which phone would work best with your lifestyle, habits, and need for connectivity.

iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max - What’s Your Pick?

If you want the fastest processor, then pick iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The 12 Pro Max comes with the A14 bionic chip, the successor to the A13 fitted in Series 11. This new chip is touted to be 30% faster and more efficient than A13. Hence, if you want to keep matters simple and base your decision solely on performance, we have a straight-up winner right now. It’s the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

On Reebelo, the refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max price starts from $549.08.

If you want storage options, then pick iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The 11 Pro Max by Apple has a wider range of storage options. It starts with a base model of 64GB and works its way up to 256GB and 512 GB. The 12 series doesn’t have the 64GB models, which is why if you have basic storage needs and want to explore this option, the iPhone 11 Pro Max will be a better pick. 

When bought off the preloved market, a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at a reasonable $427 on Reebelo - definitely a steal for the features you’re looking for.

If you want ‘the best camera around’, then pick iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Software upgrades made the iPhone 12 Pro Max cameras unreal. The picture and video quality are unmatched. This model also comes with Lidar technology - which stands for light detection and ranging. With Lidar, the 12 Pro Max camera uses lasers to analyze depth and improve low-light focus. 

Another innovative technology incorporated in the 12 Pro Max Camera system is the ProRaw. It gives expert photographers the best of raw imagery + computational photography and its enhancements. 

Therefore, iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best pick for aspirational and pro-level photographers. 

If you are prone to dropping your phone, then pick iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 12 Pro Max is coated with a heavy-duty ceramic shield that makes the device up to four times more durable and drop-resistant. In several drop tests, the 12 Pro Max came out unscathed - with no corner chipping or pixel damage. 

So, if you’re in an environment that makes your phone susceptible to accidental damage, it’s best to future-proof yourself with the ceramic shield option. 

If you prefer a smaller phone, then pick iPhone 11 Pro Max.

While both Pro Max models are bigger than regular ones, if you still feel an inch or two can make a difference, the 11 Pro Max is the way to go. The screen difference between iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max is 2 inches. The former is 6.5 inches and the latter stands at 6.7 inches. 

Therefore, overall, you will feel the size difference between the two on a daily basis. 

If you want 5G compatibility, then pick iPhone 12 Pro Max.

If you want the option of 5G network compatibility on your device, iPhone 12 Pro Max will be the right pick. It will elevate your browsing experience with higher speeds and much lower load times.

Only supporting 4G has been one of the biggest drawbacks of the 11 series iPhone models in general. 

If this is your first iPhone, then pick iPhone 11 Pro Max 

Your first iPhone? Or the first one for your kid going to college? The used iPhone 11 Pro Max has everything (and more) you need to get started on this smartphone journey. Once you get used to your phone, its size, and usage - upgrading it for a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max is an easy purchase with a trustworthy marketplace like Reebelo.